This is a series of paper studies consisting of overlapped image transfers with ink drawings serving as the finished top layer. For this project, a series of iconic photographs and vintage, historic footage taken at that time and place were used as the foundation to be worked on. Images such as the photographs of Jean Mohr and other field and war photographers working at the time.   This work serves as an attempt to explore the idea of memories of times of war, lived out during one’s childhood; where the trauma of extraordinary events and loss is further accentuated through the almost magical perception found through a child’s perspective.  Amselm Kiefer once said: “… but only by going into the past can you go into the future”. Our future is ahead of us and it is inevitable. The children who bore witness to those events are now grown and have passed down those memories of war and misfortune, along with how life was prior to them, to their own children. This is the portrayal of those memories as they have been handed down to me.
  “A dumping ground” 135x75cm Mixed Media on canvas (2017) SOLD
"Aftermath 1" (43x58cm) Mixed Media on Paper 2014
"Office Space"  Oil on Canvas 50X100cm 2012 SOLD