"The theme of interiors including covered markets, abandoned warehouses and solitary rooms is now prevalent in Ioanna Kythreotou’s recent work. A profound sense of loneliness and desolate beauty haunts these paintings due in part to the absence of the human presence and also to Kythreotou’s consummate skill with colour and a soft-focus technique that imbues the subject with a shimmering ethereal light".

                                       John Warren (Artist)

Photo by: Andreas Kopriva Lernis

Photo by: Andreas Kopriva Lernis

Ioanna Kythreotou was born in Larnaca in 1984. She studied in the UK and returned to Cyprus with a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts from the University of Sunderland and a Masters degree in Painting from the University of Wolverhampton. She lives in Larnaca where she works as an Art and Design tutor at the American Academy Private School, in Larnaca. She has had a solo and group exhibitions in Cyprus, Dubai and the USA.


[February 2016]      [Apocalypse Gallery]     [Nicosia]

“Tales of dystopian grandeur“ 



 [October 2018]   [Myth Factory – Larnaca Biennale]   [Larnaca, Cyprus]

“Larnaca Biennale”(Group Exhibition)

[June 2017]  [Consulate General of Cyprus]  [Manhattan, USA]

“Sender - Recipient" 


[April 2017]  [World Art Dubai]  Dubai, {UAE]

THE ART COCOON at “World Art Dubai 2017" 


[May 2016]  [Visitors’ Centre of the Archaeological Site of Kition]  [Larnaca]

“Ancient Kition and the Modern World of Larnaka“ 


[November2014]      [Famagusta Gate]     [Nicosia]

“EKATE (50 Year Anniversary)“


[Octomber 2014]      [Larnaca Municipal Gallery]     [Larnaca]

“EKATE (50 Year Anniversary)“ 


[June 2014]      [Kypriaki Gonia Gallery]     [Larnaca]

“Kypriaki Gonia (20 Year Anniversary)“


[May 2014]      [Aigaia School of Art and Design]     [Nicosia]



[May 2014]      [Omicron Gallery]     [Nicosia]

“Change and Exchange“


[February 2014]      [Art centre for secondary education]     [Nicosia]

“Art and Photography exhibition by secondary education teachers“


[December 2013]      [Peri Technis]     [Larnaca]

“Affordable Art “ Exhibition


[Octomber 2013]      [Larnaca Municipal Gallery]     [Larnaca]

“Not a day without a line“ Exhibition


[July 2013]      [Kypriaki Gonia Gallery]     [Larnaca]

“Cheap Art Larnaca“ Exhibition


[March 2013]      [Penintaplinena Art Gallery]     [Limassol]

“Cheap Art LImassol 2013“ Exhibition


[November 2012]      [Peter’s Gallery]     [Limassol]

“Whitnesses 2“ Exhibition


[June 2012]      [Larnaca Municipal Gallery]     [Larnaca]

“Project Art: Larnaca – Europe 2012 “ Exhibition


[February2012]      [Kypriaki Gonia Gallery]     [Larnaca]

“Witnesses “ Exhibition


[July2009]      [Aspelia Gallery]     [Larnaca]

“Chromatopoiites “ Exhibition


[December2009]      [Akamantis Conference Center]     [Nicosia]

Akamantis Conference Center Exhibition


[December 05 2008]      [Akamantis Conference Center]     [Nicosia]

Akamantis Conference Center Exhibition


[March 12 2008]      [Heliotropion Gallery]     [Larnaca]

Ready Images Exhibition